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J.M. Huber Corporation is one of the largest, family-owned businesses in the United States. The J.M. Huber Corporation received one of the most prestigious awards for a family business: the IMD-Lombard Odier Global Family Business Award for 2013. This global award recognizes top-performing family businesses that successfully combine tradition and innovation.

A former employee mentioned, "Plan on being a fall guy at J.M. Huber or getting fired for someone who is willing. At the Quincy location you can either agree to whatever is asked of plan on a bad review and PIP like you are having to sit in the corner. If you present even the slightest bit of Resistance or questioning your career will be un-salvageable."


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Leiharbeit (Former Employee) says

"Mit Abstand die schlechteste Firma in der Ich jemals gearbeitet habe"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Huber is cutthroat company, They don't care about the drivers. all they care about you making money for them. If any driver get into an accident they will look for any excuse not to help you with your car and they can care less about you."

Hourly Associate (Former Employee) says

"New facility that is safe and clean.... more diversity and inclusion training. Fire mysoginist and violent employees who throws shovels.. and degrade women and minority’s19+hrly, 3 weeks vacation, 401k catch upOld old old.... new management, new facility"

atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"fue extraordinario una bonita experiencia no tienes jefe tu ers tu mismo jefe tu decides cuando trabajassegurodepende de trabajo"

Executive Administrative Assistant / Internship (Former Employee) says

"I only worked here during school, but these guys did know their stuff."

Hydraulic Technician (Former Employee) says

"I became adept to working either fast-paced or slow-paced environment, depending on the job and time limit allowed. I develpoed lasting relationships with my superiors and co-workers. I was a great team player. Always made sure that jobs were complete and superiors were satisfied. Got along great with my co-workers, enjoyed going to work each day. I liked going out into the field to service systems and interact with the customers face-to-face. Developing a great report with my customers for repeat business.Competitive pay, good benefits, company truck24 hr call 365 days a year"

Chauffeur (Former Employee) says

"c'est bon on est libre autonome mais aucun avatages sociaux en plus on emploi nos autos pour un salaire qu'on peut trouver ailleur sans usé son auto.libertéusage de son auto"

Manager Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"Its a pleasure to work in an environment of good team members.From Micro Inks to Huber name change and till date it has been all good experiences and knowing the Global community.Its hard to put everything in written but no complaints to make. Of course the ink industry is fading and lot of challenges to keep this business profitable and sustaining."

charpentier couvreur (Current Employee) says

"organisation de mon travail, autonomie, relationnel avec client"

slavko bohar says

"Hello all together, all of you who have been deceived by Royalsfx..Contact FINTELEGRAM !! Simply find Fintelegram on the Internet, there are already many of us, together we will be easier ....."

Sebastian Johnston says

"Why can I not rate them as zero stars, or negative stars, preferably very very negative stars? One star is too high for them. Do not even engage in discussion with these scammers. They will steal your money. Fortunately I was cautious so have only lost the 565 euros I invested in them, but no chance of getting it back. They tried to persuade me of enormous gains with much larger investment, thankfully I was not persuaded. Complete fraudsters. Beware!"

Mary Fischer says

"THOMPSON IS A THIEF! There's a review about ReCoverY- AgEncY coM i advise you reach them for help wirth Royals fx."

Kakanui Retreat says

"Decided to give them a go as it was first doing anything in the trading world. Seemed ok at the start although the personal broker was very pushy trying to get me to invest more. Anyway after multiple phone calls I didn't invest more which was lucky, because as soon as they were aware I wasn't going to invest more they locked me out of account and I still can't get in and they won't return emails or let me reset password for my account. Stay clear of these guys the reviews are real they are scammers. Claire Thompson head scammer."

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